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Creating a Community Around Coffee

White Rhino Coffee + Kitchen is the handshake that brings people together in a warm, inviting setting where hand-crafted coffee and a varied, delectable menu offer the perfect backdrop for building relationships. White Rhino Coffee began in 2007 as a place where the community could get an outstanding cup of coffee and connect with others. Our spaces are made to be social. We offer great culinary experiences and coffee that blends with the welcoming atmosphere where you and your neighbors can talk, get to know one another, build relationships and relax. Owner Chris Parvin says, “We aren’t in the coffee business; we’re in the people business.”

Our seasonal cold teas provide a delicious break from the summer heat or settle in with one of our many hot beverages. We offer signature lattes, traditional coffee selections, hot and cold teas and matcha green teas. Choose your preferred brewing method from seven options to make the perfect cup for your taste. Whatever your choice, White Rhino has something special in the cup for you.

White Rhino’s fresh and innovative menu includes breakfast options and all-day palate-pleasers, from sweet pastry treats to sandwiches to fresh fruit options.

Skip the wait and order ahead with the White Rhino Coffee app and earn points toward free drinks, bites and merchandise.

Come by our Near Southside location and enjoy the community you’ll find here.


White Rhino Coffee + Kitchen
1217 8th Ave., Ste. 101
Fort Worth, TX 76104