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An ongoing series about people improving their well-being

Fort Worth is the largest certified Blue Zones Community® in the country. Each month we talk to a different member of our community and find out how they experience well-being in their neighborhood. This month’s featured guests are Lachelle and Landter Goodrich. Both are Fort Worth natives — Landter grew up in Stop Six, and Lachelle grew up in the Polytechnic neighborhood. Together, this power couple parlays their love of Fort Worth into servant leadership.

Q: You two have a great “meet cute” story. You actually met in elementary school?

Lachelle: It’s funny how life takes you down different paths and brings you back together. Life took its own way, and we reconnected when we were both newly single.

Q: Lachelle, you’ve found your Blue Zones sense of Purpose, which can add both years and happiness to a person’s life, in your current job as the director of the Stop Six Choice Neighborhood Initiative. The partnership between the City of Fort Worth and the federal government aims to reimagine affordable public housing in this historic neighborhood.

Lachelle: We did years and years of assessment with Cavile Place. We polled residents and community neighbors and the best solution was not to just renovate the property. When we sat down and talked with the families — they want a walkable neighborhood, with a pool and a playground. They’re willing to relocate to do something different and better.

Q: And to that end, some of those families have relocated during the construction.

Lachelle: Fort Worth Housing Solutions is providing safe affordable homes and access to services. We moved 236 families during the construction, and we’re ensuring that Cavile Place residents are supported through the transition.

Q: Despite its historical significance, the area has historically been left out of city development projects.

Lachelle: In addition to affordable housing, we’re looking at a mix of commercial space and living space, with sidewalks and green space. Working alongside the City of Fort Worth in investing in infrastructure and more will assist us in not repeating the cycle.

Q: One of the biggest discussions about east Fort Worth and Cavile Place specifically is the lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables. A potential solution you’ve come up with is space to have healthier food options come to the community.

Lachelle: We are trying to factor that into the housing equation. We just had a listening session with food truck owners and farmers market vendors – we wanted to bring them to the table. We’re experts at affordable housing but we’re not experts on how to run a farmers market.

Q: Landter, you own Lake Como House of Fades, where it sounds like you’ve developed what Blue Zones Project calls a Right Tribe – a group of like-minded people who can support you through your life.

Landter: We’ve been in the community for 10 years. We have a sign in the barber shop – it’s a space for men of color to have a voice and be able to speak with openness – it could be anything. We’re respectful to everyone. We have the space to talk amongst each other.

Q: Recently you hosted a community meeting in the shop with the Fort Worth Police Department.

Landter: In the time we’ve owned the store, we’d never seen any police officers just stop by to introduce themselves. When they approached us, we were for it. It was something we needed. A lot of people in the neighborhood have lost their trust in the police and the ability to bring peace in the neighborhood. We’re trying to bring the community together to reduce stigma.

Q: How did that conversation go?

Landter: The community needs to be willing to listen and to accept the idea that things may change. We have asked questions about over policing. I want to know officers hold each other accountable. One of the commanders talks about treating people the way they want to be treated.  It seems like they’re trying to fix what’s been broken.

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