Beautiful Spaces that Say You

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Beautiful Spaces that Say You

Rugged and masculine. Warm and cozy. Glamorous and dramatic. Whatever looks like You. Susan Semmelmann takes the essence of your personality and creates a home that fits your personality to a T.

Even better, Susan bends the creative into the practical so your indoor spaces conform to how you and your family live their lives – without sacrificing the utmost in design. Melding form and function is Susan’s forte.

Susan focuses her 23 years of experience in the interior design industry to develop stunning, original indoor spaces where you can entertain guests, enjoy quality family time and take a break from the outside world. Her inspired imagination combines beautiful furnishings, unique drapery, bedding and upholstery; and architectural details to elicit that sudden intake of breath that says, “It’s perfect!”

Susan’s interiors are famous for their breathtaking beauty. She begins at the beginning. An expert in the construction process, Susan takes a comprehensive approach to interior design, emphasizing detail from the ground up. This creates harmony of design and weaves motifs into the fabric of a home, undergirding creativity with cohesiveness. Susan’s maxim “the spirit of living is in the giving” is at the forefront of every beautiful space.

Let Susan create the home that looks like you and functions like you. Remarkable indoor spaces await. Call Susan and begin.


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