Explore Fort Worth’s best bike trails

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Explore Fort Worth’s best bike trails

Discover the beauty of Fort Worth’s diverse bike trails, offering scenic routes for cyclists of all skill levels. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely ride along tranquil creeks or an adrenaline-pumping adventure through rugged terrain, Fort Worth has a trail to suit your preferences. Explore Fort Worth’s best bike trails! 

Gateway Park

Gateway Park is optimal for novices with its smooth terrain, while its straight, unobstructed trails cater to those craving speed. The park’s 3.5-mile loop on the west side of the Trinity River offers mostly flat terrain, whereas the eastern 5-mile loop features scattered hills, adding variety to the experience.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Location: 751 Beach St., Fort Worth

Trinity Trails

If you’re familiar with just one trail network in DFW, chances are it’s Trinity Trails. Spanning 40 miles, these trails act as a vital link connecting various paths across the city. Begin at well-known trailheads like the Fort Worth Botanic Garden or Log Cabin Village, or opt for a more tranquil experience by parking at the serene Trinity Strand Trail.

Difficulty: Easy

Location: 300 N. Main St., Fort Worth

Marion Sansom Park

The Marion Sansom Park comprises several interconnecting loops that wind through a wooded area with scenic vistas overlooking Lake Worth. The main rim loop is intermediate level but expert sections feed off the main loop.

Difficulty: Intermediate 

Location: 2501 Roberts Cut Off Road, Fort Worth

Oakmont Park

Situated in the far southwest of Fort Worth, Oakmont Park is a stone’s throw away from Benbrook Lake and lies to the south of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River. Enjoy this 5.6-mile out-and-back trail that takes an average of one hour and 47 minutes to complete. 

Difficulty: Easy

Location: 7000 Bellaire Drive South, Fort Worth

Arcadia Trail Park

Arcadia Trail Park North, located in northern Fort Worth, is a linear park tracing the path of Whites Branch Creek. It was created through a succession of parkland dedications from nearby neighborhood developments. Encompassing 177 acres, the park extends nearly four miles in northwest-southeast and eastward directions.

Difficulty: Easy

Location: 7613 Arcadia Trail, Fort Worth