3 signs of exceptional care: How Acclaim Multi-Specialty Group is leading the way in Tarrant County

By Rebecca ChristophersonJune 28, 2024July 10th, 2024No Comments

3 signs of exceptional care: How Acclaim Multi-Specialty Group is leading the way in Tarrant County

Whether responding to emergencies, tackling complex respiratory conditions, or nurturing new life, the providers at Acclaim Multi-Specialty Group deliver the highest quality care to thousands of Tarrant County residents every day. The group is embedded within JPS Health Network and excels in specialties like trauma care, interventional pulmonology, and obstetrics. Acclaim providers see a wide variety of patient cases, treating everything from unique acute conditions to chronic diseases, or serving as a primary care provider ensuring JPS patients have everything they need to stay healthy daily.

In fact, 61 physicians were recently honored as Top Docs by 360West magazine, proving that comprehensive healthcare services and exceptional patient care are top priorities for the multi-specialty group.

What Distinguishes JPS Health Network & Acclaim Multi-Specialty Group?

1. JPS was the first Level I Trauma Center in Tarrant County.

JPS Health Network’s long-tenured Level I Trauma Center is equipped to handle the most severe emergencies, providing lifesaving interventions swiftly and efficiently.

This designation is awarded to centers that meet rigorous standards for trauma care, including 24/7 access to essential services and a proven track record of excellence in trauma therapy. Acclaim providers are embedded within the JPS Trauma team providing critical, extraordinary care to any patient who enters the facility.

Together, JPS and Acclaim Multi-Specialty Group are advancing trauma care through extensive research and education, ensuring the community has access to the highest acuity and quality of emergency care.

2. Acclaim’s interventional pulmonology program features specialized, minimally invasive procedures that effectively diagnose and treat complex lung conditions.

The interventional pulmonology program breathes new life into respiratory care, delivering treatments that are not widely available in many other hospitals and institutions.

This innovative approach is part of JPS and Acclaim Multi-Specialty Group’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and new methods to enhance patient outcomes. These capabilities are crucial for patients with complex respiratory issues, such as lung cancer, pleural diseases, and many types of complex airway and lung disorders.

Innovative interventional pulmonology is right here in Tarrant County. Residents can now access state-of-the-art care without ever leaving the area.

3. JPS & Acclaim support expectant mothers from conception to birth and beyond with comprehensive obstetric care.

The obstetric services provided by Acclaim Multi-Specialty Group cater to the needs of expectant mothers with a robust system for managing deliveries.

Their holistic approach includes Centering Pregnancy programs that combine prenatal care with practical education and group support. There are also expert maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialists on-hand to manage high-risk pregnancies, extending expert care for both the mother and fetus during these critical times.

This unmatched comprehensive system ensures that every aspect of prenatal and postnatal care is covered, providing a tailored and supportive experience for mothers and their babies.

Why JPS Health Network & Acclaim Multi-Specialty Group Stand Out

With a strong emphasis on medical innovation and compassionate care, JPS and Acclaim Multi-Specialty Group ensure each patient receives the best possible care. This commitment not only sets a standard for medical excellence but also solidifies JPS Health Network’s status as a cornerstone of healthcare in the community.