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An ongoing series about people improving their well-being

Fort Worth is the largest certified Blue Zones Community® in the country. Each month we talk to a different member of our community to find out how they experience wellbeing in their neighborhood. This month’s featured guest is Jodye Newton, Director of Corporate and Community Relations for the Fort Worth Report. Originally from Beaumont, Texas, Jodye followed her older brother to TCU, grabbed a marketing and communications degree, and never left. She credits her parents for her focus on family and cheerful world view.

Q: In February we celebrate a holiday that’s all about love. Talk about what love meant to your family.

A: Our house was a house of love and laughter. It was safe in my home – we could always talk about anything. We sat at the dinner table and talked about what went right and how to fix what went wrong. My parents said they’d never go to bed angry.

Q: And you find that this helps you control your stress, which can contribute to a long and healthy life.

A: Don’t sweat the small stuff – it’s bad for you! If there’s something that people see as bad, I try to turn it into something positive. That alleviates stress. Things are going to happen in our life anyway. I don’t like negative!

Q: In addition to putting family first, your family also valued having a group of positive, supportive friends.

A: Everyone was always at our house. Mom was always cooking. She had two kids but she cooked like she was cooking for 200. And I have a lot of wonderful friends in my life!

Q: You spent some time at another publication, then you joined the Fort Worth Report in 2021. Coming into a new enterprise can be full of challenges, but you saw those as opportunities.

A: I came on when the publication was less than a year old. I created corporate sponsorships for the publication and a series called “Candid Conversations.” It’s the perfect job for me.

Q: You have a very interesting philosophy about your job – you’re not just selling advertising.

A: I don’t view myself as a “salesperson” because no one wants to be sold. I’m a relationship builder. I’m providing things that add value. I’m not in it for the minute, I’m in it for the long haul.

Q: In addition to your family, faith is also very important to you.

A: My life has been amazing and that doesn’t have anything do with me. Everything I ask for has been granted, sometimes in a matter of minutes. I say affirmations every morning: I am blessed, amazing, thankful. I equip myself for the day. I ask for what I want for the day. I ask God to guide the words that come out of my mouth because there is power in the tongue, and I am what I speak.

Q: To that end, you publish “Jodyeisms” on your Facebook page.

A: They’re uplifting thoughts to make for a positive day for someone. When I don’t publish one, I hear from my friends asking where it is.

Q: February is also your birthday month, and you say you’ve declared 2024 as your “year of giving.”

A: I have a TikTok account called Mighty Finds and Good Times. I’ll share different gadgets and show how real people use them. I’m buying more of the things I like and find useful, then giving them away.

Q: Usually when a TikTok influencer gives things away it’s because the product sponsors them, but no one is partnering with you on these “Mighty Finds”?

A: No. It’s my year of giving!

Q: You recently became a Mental Health First Aider, which helps you assist someone experiencing a mental health or substance abuse-related crisis. That seems to fit right into that year of giving.

A: Mental Health First Aid training is a national program that Texas Health offers. Right after I was certified, one of my friends had a crisis and needed someone to talk to. I was glad I had the proper tools to help.


Learn more about Blue Zones Project and Mental Health First Aid at LiveLongFortWorth.com.