SciFit Center

Modernized Weight Loss

Dr. Bryce Calvillo and nutritionist Angela Calvillo at SciFit Center take a modernized approach toward weight loss, fitness and wellness by creating personalized and sustainable programs that incorporate weekly consultations, body composition scanning, food sensitivity testing, and weight loss injections.

Dr. Bryce is an expert in fat loss, muscle toning and overall fitness and wellness. He brings a direct, science-based approach to his strategically formulated programming for maximum results. Angela specializes in creating an empathetic environment, offering expert nutritional guidance that addresses the emotional and mental aspects of weight loss. Together, the power couple provides unique programming that’s safe, efficient, sustainable and effective.

SciFit Center provides an all-encompassing treatment approach for weight loss, nutrition, exercise and overall health and wellness. The program includes weekly appointments with SciFit professionals for accountability, guidance and education. The routine utilization of the Fit3D Body Scanner monitors your progress and keeps you motivated throughout the journey. Food Sensitivity Testing reveals how your body metabolizes certain foods and which ones are most effective for your particular genetic makeup. Semaglutide and Tirzepatide weight loss injections are an optional accessory to the program to reduce cravings, control appetite and accelerate progress in a safe and effective manner.


Dr. Bryce Calvillo: Health and Wellness Practitioner. Pre-Medicine, Texas Tech University; Doctorate of Chiropractic, B.S. Health and Wellness, Parker University.

Angela Calvillo: Nutritionist. B.S. Nutrition – Emphasis in Health and Wellness, Texas Women’s University; B.A. Psychology, Crandall University.

4000 Bryant Irvin Road
Fort Worth 76109