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By guruscottyNovember 23, 2020December 29th, 2020No Comments

Silver Streak

Text and photos by Meda Kessler

From ice buckets to small bowls, from teapots to footed trays, these pieces of silver are serving up a bit of glamour in adding sparkle and shine throughout your home. A champagne bucket makes a lovely container for a bounty of blooms, from a mass of hydrangeas to a loose arrangement of foraged evergreen branches. 

That canape tray you pull out of storage maybe once a year? Add a mound of unshelled nuts plus some small bowls of various sizes filled with fruit and flowers for a sideboard display. Or scatter a few votive candles on tray, allowing the reflective surface to enhance the flickering candlelight. 

Put the gravy boat to use as candy dish, and turn the sugar bowl into a bud vase. If you’re skipping the holiday party this year, pile the punch bowl with colorful ornaments or maybe pinecones for a rustic contrast to the polished metal. Also, don’t be afraid to embrace a little tarnish — a little patina creates a more bohemian look than the highly polished pieces. 

Looking to add to your collection? Antique shops are a wonderful source. Carter Bowden, owner of his eponymous shop in Fort Worth (4704 Bryce Ave.), typically has a varied selection at different price points. We lightened his inventory for a few days for this photo shoot (note that many pieces already are home with their new owners). Check with your favorite emporium for other treasures.