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By Debbie AndersonOctober 27, 2022No Comments

The Inspired Table

Photos and styling by Meda Kessler

Wooed by the buckets of fresh picks at our local flower market, we put together a few arrangements just right for dressing up a sideboard or a dinner table for fall. We’re loving a looser look, with both bold brights and muted colors in what we call a casual droop — greenery or flowers that drape beautifully over their container. Sometimes, Mother Nature knows best.

We opted for a preponderance of greenery — branches of seeded eucalyptus in a vivid green glass water pitcher from Blenko that serves as a vase. This eucalyptus has a mild aroma but lots of texture thanks to the small seed sprays on the end of each branch. For a bit of color to balance the green glass, we added red pears and sprigs of Queen Anne’s Lace around the container’s base.

Blenko pitcher, $65; Vietri Fauna Pheasants salad plate, $48; embroidered table runner, $40, all from Domain XCIV.

We wanted to avoid the ubiquitous mum, although we do love its diversity of colors and petal designs. Instead, we discovered Italian white sunflowers, which are more delicate in size and hue than their bright yellow brethren. We think they’re a perfect neutral in combination with a cascade of gunnii eucalyptus branches, and a few spikes of crocosmia pods — they start lime green but turn brown when dry. Along with a few branches of Safari Sunset leucadendron, everything’s tucked into a shallow ceramic container surrounded by Bosc pears.

The modern shape of this otherwise earthy clay vase (a surprise find at Lowe’s) calls for something unusual. We opted for purple tulips with a few accent stems of cotinus, also known as smokebush, which has deep burgundy leaves. For fun, we added a few stalks of green amaranthus, the ultimate droopy plant.


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