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By Debbie AndersonSeptember 29, 2022No Comments

Spinn Coffee Maker

By Michael Hiller
Photos courtesy of Spinn

You’re going to need coffee in a big way. We’re here to help.

Sunday, Nov. 6, marks the end of daylight saving time. As clocks across America claw back an hour of daylight, coffee is essential. We’ve been preparing like a presidential advance team: brewing (and drinking) a seemingly bottomless pot of coffee. We’ve fallen hard for an innovative, fully automatic coffee maker called Spinn.

Centrifugal force allows Spinn to deliver everything from bold, concentrated espressos to rich mugs of brew. The magic is built into the all-in-one machine, which grinds coffee beans stored in its hopper into an internal cylinder that spins grounds and water together at varying speeds optimized for each drink. Those G-forces extract the beans’ aromas and subtle, complex flavors into espressos, Americanos, lungos — even a cold brew made in 60 seconds.

Because Spinn connects to Wi-Fi and a phone app, you can brew a cup or a carafe before your snooze alarm goes off (and roll out of bed to fresh coffee), or set the Spinn to fire up on a schedule of your choosing. You also could go old-school and just press one of the customizable, soft-touch buttons.

The app also connects to an online marketplace where you can order beans from small-batch coffee roasters. Once the bags arrive, scan their QR codes with the app to load precise brewing profiles into Spinn’s software. Built-in sensors can automatically order more beans when you run low. Or you can use the machine’s built-in brew profiles with any beans you have on hand.

While we were skeptical that centrifugal force could produce coffees as flavorful as a traditional, pressure-driven espresso machine or drip coffee makers, we’re now converts. Spinn’s espresso, in particular, is exceptional: sweet, creamy and more aromatic than the one made by our neighborhood barista.

We’re also fans of Spinn’s zero-waste system: no plastic pods mean coffee grounds can be dumped into our compost bin. Form-versus-function bonuses: The sleek, award-winning design doesn’t take up a lot of room and actually looks good on the kitchen counter.


Spinn The all-in-one coffee maker is available only on the website. Spinn’s Original Coffee Maker retails for $1,499, but sales come along (it’s currently listed for $999 on the website).