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La Pulga Spirits Releases Anejo Tequila

By Tori CouchAugust 23, 2023September 20th, 2023No Comments

La Pulga Spirits Releases Añejo Tequila

By Tori Couch

      Photo Courtesy La Pulga Spirits


La Pulga Spirits, the Fort Worth-based spirits brand, has released an Añejo Tequila. 

Like La Pulga’s other tequila expressions, the Añejo is certified additive-free and made with 100 percent pure agave. The Añejo is aged for 18 months in ex-bourbon barrels and distilled and bottled in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. 

The amber-colored tequila is 40% alcohol-by-volume, or 80 proof, and carries a high fruit nose with a flavor of roasted agave, vanilla, caramelized sugar, and oak.

The Republic National Distributing Company is distributing the tequila to bars, restaurants and liquor stores. A locator on the La Pulga website shows where the 750-ml, $74.99 tequila can be purchased. La Pulga has plans for national expansion in 2024. 

“Our new Añejo Tequila is our finest offering to-date – it’s created in the soulful land of Jalisco by our incredibly talented jimadors, but you can absolutely taste the Fort Worth grit and determination that is sealed in every bottle,” Sarah Castillo, co-founder of La Pulga Spirits, said in a press release. “We pride ourselves on making vibrant tequilas with the taste of Mexican culture, passion, and flavor, and our Añejo is no exception. If you’re looking to support local, drink clean and add a beautifully crafted tequila to your bar top, you’ll want to get your hands on La Pulga Añejo.”

La Pulga also offers an 80-proof Tequila Blanco and an 80-proof Tequila Reposado. Each expression embraces the cowboy and Western cultures that have shaped Mexico and Texas. The labels show this spirit through an “alebrije” or brightly colored piece of Mexican folk art. The Anejo’s label features the stag, a symbol of power, grace and strength. A bucking bronco is on the blanco label, while a bull graces the reposado.

Castillo and co-founders Andrew de la Torre and Stephen Slaughter were featured in the July/August issue of 76107 Magazine. The name La Pulga means “the flea” and honors the Pequeño Mexico flea market in north Fort Worth. Castillo, de la Torre and Slaughter purchased the 12-acre property in 2021 and plan to break ground on a Sotol distillery in the near future. Pequeño Mexico remains an important part of the community by hosting a weekly market full of authentic Hispanic foods and goods.