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Finds: Kiss the Chef

By Debbie AndersonMay 29, 2019June 27th, 2019No Comments

He probably doesn’t need another tie, and there’s not enough room in the garage for that classic Porsche he’s had his eye on. So we’re all about chef Dad this Father’s Day. And, yes, that’s a win for us, too.

Professional-grade knives always makes good gifts; a cleaver says you know he takes his cooking arsenal seriously. Wüsthof’s 6-inch Grand Prix II easily will handle heavy-duty bone work or large cuts of meat. $139.95, Williams-Sonoma.

Sign him up for pitmaster Aaron Franklin’s video instruction via MasterClass ($180 for a year and access to all 16 classes or $90 for a single class). The Austin-based James Beard winner is funny and engaging as he offers solid instruction on building fires, trimming and wrapping meat and other essentials.
Learn more and check out all the tutorials available at masterclass.com. Or, get him one or both of Franklin’s books, Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto and Franklin Steak: Dry-Aged. Live-Fire. Pure Beef, each $29.99 and available from Amazon or your favorite bookstore.

Head to the butcher shop and invest in a really good piece of beef — something dry-aged, perhaps. These babies are typically wrapped up in nice white butcher paper, so just add a fancy ribbon and stash it in the fridge. If you’re lucky, he’ll share it with you.

If he’s looking for a new grill, give him an Evo, or more specifically an Evo Professional Classic Wheeled Cart Flattop Propane Gas Grill with Ceramic Cooking Surface. The 30-inch-diameter circular flattop gives the cook a lot of room for everything from burgers to pancakes, perfect for someone who has to feed softball teams or his poker buddies. The circular design allows the Evo to be easily accessed from any angle, and it converts to an oven using the removable lid. Cleanup is easy, too, as any drippings drain from the nonstick surface into a container. Prices start around $4,000; see evoamerica.com for a local retailer.


Williams-Sonoma University Park Village, 1620 S. University Drive, Fort Worth, 817-3340009;
Southlake Town Square,
172 State St., 817416-5932; williams-sonoma.com