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By guruscottyDecember 26, 2019No Comments

If there’s one thing we know about Texas cowboys, it’s that they have style. Much like the French, they display a special je ne sais quoi when it comes to accessories.

At a fall concert, we actually heard boos for a country singer because he was wearing a straw lid. Wear silver belly — the Western version of greige — or black. Shades of brown also are acceptable. Black felt hat, $250. M.L. Leddy’s, 2455 N. Main St., Fort Worth, 817-624-3149, leddys.com.

Layering strands of chunky silver and turquoise is an art form, although we still think your jewelry shouldn’t overshadow you. Take the advice of Rebecca Clegg Emery, longtime supporter of the Fort Worth Stock Show through the Junior League program sales committee and the Ladies on the Lamb syndicate, and wear your good stuff and pieces that mean something to you. (All pieces are part of private collections.)

These tallboys of the Western world are the combination of function, form and fashion for men and women. We love that guys pull off the jeans-tucked-into-boots look just as well as the ladies. Ostrich and calf skin boots, $3,145, M.L. Leddy’s.

It’s called a wild rag, a unisex neck piece originally designed to keep the neck warm or protect the face from wind and dirt. Or maybe you need to improvise a bandage or a potholder for that hot cast-iron skillet. We can’t imagine using today’s modern wild rag, especially those made out of silk, as anything but a stylish alternative to a pocket square. This print number, $40, is paired with a Gene Autry sports coat featuring a sophisticated plaid with bold Western piping, $925, and a Dion rosette lapel pin, $45. All from M.L. Leddy’s. Photos by Ralph Lauer