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By guruscottyFebruary 26, 2021No Comments

Eagle eye view

Photos by Ralph Lauer

She sits stoically high up in the tree, in a sturdy nest about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. (The female bald eagle is the primary builder of what will be home for several years.) Rarely changing position, she no doubt is keeping her babies warm, as hatching typically happens in January. The male keeps watch, his head swiveling back and forth, staring down any interlopers, including humans, and taking flight when it’s time to hunt. Even though the photographer uses a long lens, he knows the birds are aware of him. This pair of bald eagles has lived near a waterway west of Fort Worth for several years. The land remains undeveloped, meaning food is still plentiful. In the summer, when the trees are lush with leaves, their habitat is invisible. In winter, the size of their nest gives them away. No matter the time of year, in full flight or standing still, they are always breathtaking to see.