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By Debbie AndersonDecember 29, 2021December 30th, 2021No Comments

Photo Finish

Photo by Ralph Lauer

Cowboys and culture. It’s a catchphrase that sets some on edge in Fort Worth, as they think it pigeonholes the city as one or the other. But why dismiss either?

Instead, embrace both. Offerings in music, art and literature hereabouts are as diverse as our population. And the city’s cowboy heritage spans ethnicity, gender and race. We admit that, come January, we’re definitely a little more aware of the cowboy component in the city slogan, thanks to the arrival of the annual Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. And the Stockyards are drawing more visitors than ever, thanks to new attractions — the restored Mule Alley — and long-standing traditions such as the cattle drive on Exchange Avenue. The twice-daily procession of the city herd offers an incredible up-close opportunity to see the men, women and beasts who are some of Cowtown’s best cultural ambassadors. And if twirling a stiff rope isn’t an art, we don’t know what is.