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Airscape: Storage with style

By Michael Hiller
Photo courtesy of Planetary Design

Spring and tedious house chores return this month, even for those who have no intention of cleaning gutters or going all-out Marie Kondo on the closets.

Start with your wake-up routine. The key to good coffee is top-quality beans. If you’re storing them in anything but an Airscape container, you aren’t serious about coffee. Sorry, but there’s no way around this. Indonesian peaberry beans will mock you. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe forests will scowl. We know this because the fresh-roasted beans we’ve secreted away inside the Airscape Kilo we keep at our coffee-crazed office want to have a word with you: You can do better.

Airscape storage canisters work because the innovative lid forces air out rather than trapping it in. Less exposure to oxygen means your coffee beans will stay fresh longer. The steel containers, which are available in a variety of colors and capacities from a half-pound of beans to a 2.2-pound kilogram, were designed by coffee fanatics in Montana who are passionate about their java.

They battle-tested their rugged, leakproof French press over long hikes and camping trips. Then they figured out how to store coffee beans better than anyone else. Their solution? Airscape canisters. As you plunge the lid snugly against the beans, air whooshes out through a high-tech, two-way valve. The lid locks in place until you lift the handle to break the airtight seal. A second lid covers the top of the canister to double-seal the system. The canisters also look good on your counter.

The company says Airscapes are also ideal for storing items like teas, spices and pet treats. Probably. Maybe we’ll consider that after another pot of coffee.


Airscape The storage canisters come in three sizes and exterior finishes (brushed steel, gloss paint or smooth matte); prices start at $31.