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Photo by Ralph Lauer

Visitors arrive at Founders’ Plaza with folding camp chairs, snacks, beverages and, of course, cameras. Some take shade under the covered benches and tables; others bring blankets and enjoy the sunshine on the lawn. There are locals, tourists and aviation enthusiasts. A few are on their lunch break, wearing uniforms and work badges. Everyone watches intently as jets — passenger and cargo — cruise in and out of the busy DFW Airport. Founders’ Plaza, open to the public from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., is a prime viewing spot enjoyed by young and old. The soundtrack for the experience is the chatter of the air traffic control tower via a loudspeaker in the plaza. The bronze sculpture Share the Dream is by Dennis Smith. Dedicated in 1995, Founders’ Plaza also offers a history lesson about the airport. Whether you hang out for 30 minutes or two hours, it’s plane spotting at its best. The plaza is located at the north end of the airport; get directions on the website. dfwairport.com/explore/foundersplaza