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By Debbie AndersonNovember 23, 2022November 25th, 2022No Comments

Photo Finish

Photo by Meda Kessler

While some joke that putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving deserves a punitive fine, Fort Worth resident Walter Kinzie ignored his friends. Instead, he rented a 40-foot-tall inflatable Santa Claus and, on Nov. 5, installed it in his front yard. Soon, Santa had a supporting (if much shorter) cast of toy soldiers, a Nativity scene and a snowman. Santa also got an Instagram handle: #gigantasanta. If you make a pit stop in front of the Kinzie home and photograph Santa a certain way, he seems to loom over the house. To little kids walking by, Santa looks gigantic. This is the first year Kinzie has rented inflatables, and we like his “go big” attitude despite occasional hazards such as the wind. “My two daughters, 3 and 8, love them, and we find ourselves constantly walking around the neighborhood looking for them on various holidays,” Kinzie says. “Seeing the joy in their eyes is what compelled us to do this.” Kinzie says his neighbors all love it, too, and by Thanksgiving, Santa was joined by a 26-foot-tall inflatable Christmas tree and a Santa mailbox on the curb. Kinzie thinks the world could use a little more joy and says, “It’s our goal to provide just that in our little section of Fort Worth.” If you want to see Giganta Santa, go to 6th Street between Virginia Place and Belle Place in Fort Worth. Or check him out at instagram.com/GigantaSanta.