This shop’s namesake is a tiny but mighty ball of love

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By Meda Kessler
Photos by Jill Johnson

This shop’s namesake is a tiny but mighty ball of love

For shoppers at Keeping Up With the Joneses, a women’s boutique in Fort Worth, visits include a greeting from Jonesy, a tiny whirling dervish of black and white fur. The schnauzer, along with a change of address, are new for shop owner Judy Jones Rotzoll. (Read more in our Marketplace roundup on Page 14). A former manager and buyer for Neiman Marcus, she started her business eight years ago in an effort to provide women like herself — 40 and up — with stylish and affordable clothes and accessories. Jonesy was a surprise Christmas gift. “It was a difficult holiday due to an illness in the family,” says Rotzoll. “When we got home to finally open presents, the kids were trying to distract me. Jeff, my husband, walked up behind me and put this tiny creature in my lap. I burst into tears.” The wiggly pup has made herself at home with two other dogs and a pair of mini donkeys, and she shares a birthday with Rotzoll’s mother, which has endeared the pup even more to her human family. “I wanted her to be a retail therapy dog immediately, which is how she got her name, and she was immediately comfortable here in the new space,” says Rotzoll. It helps that Jonesy has made friends with the dog who lives in the house behind the store and the shop canines at Marty & Pat’s Frame Shoppe, located nearby. “She loves to be held and, being so small, customers just scoop her up and carry her around the store. I think she’s the reason some of them stop by.” Meet Jonesy at 5017 El Campo Ave., Fort Worth.