Healthy growth for R+R: Restore+Revive Wellness Center set to expand in early Spring

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Healthy growth for R+R: Restore+Revive Wellness Center set to expand in early Spring

Rendering courtesy of Ibañez Shaw Architecture

A steadily increasing number of clients interested in integrated nontraditional healthcare has generated plans for Restore + Revive Wellness Center to expand its services into a new building early in the spring.

Designed by Ibañez Shaw Architecture, the nearly 7,000-square-foot, two-story silver metallic-clad building — just three doors down from the current location, which will stay open — is being created to channel natural light all day.

In line with R + R’s integrative approach to healing with a focus on root cause therapy (as well as preventative health practices), 20 provider and treatment rooms will accommodate patrons receiving IV vitamin therapy, vitamin injections, detox foot soaks, ozone and infrared saunas, IV ozone and more. Additional tenants signed up to occupy the building include nurse and nutritionist Dabney Poorter; Taylor Dukes Wellness, a functional medicine practitioner; and Fort Wellness Counseling.

Also look for pelvic floor physical therapy, dry needling, lymphatic and prenatal massage from Livewell Collective; acutonics, brain lymphatics and biofeedback from Julie King; and nontoxic nails by Tricia Cooper (with more wellness practitioners expected).

The current building, a restored home at 5001 Byers Ave., will remain operational even after the new facility opens; plans for its use have yet to be announced.


Where: 4927 Byers Ave.
Contact: 817-720-6220
Website: restoreandrevivefw.com