The Beast & Co. Closes on Fort Worth’s Near Southside

By dani2011dhs@gmail.comMay 17, 2023No Comments

The Beast & Co. Closes on Fort Worth’s Near Southside

The Beast & Co., the struggling West Magnolia Avenue fine dining restaurant on Fort Worth’s Near Southside, served up a bunch of food at the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival’s Main Event. Then, the following Monday, it announced it had closed for good.

“Last month, I wrote the city of Fort Worth a heartfelt and real (Facebook) post begging for a chance to be a part of your community,” chef Dustin Lee wrote in a Facebook post, referring to potential customers as the “city of Fort Worth.”

“All I intended to do was bring attention to the amazing food, drinks, and service our team puts out day-in and day-out and let everyone know that we’re committed to being a part of this community. Unfortunately, since that post, our sales at Beast & Co are down over 80%. Do with that information what you will, but it speaks volumes to us. Each subsequent week after the post has been our worst ever, culminating in last week, where we didn’t even cover 75% of payroll.”

Lee put in a plug for his employees. “As for me, all I can say is I’m not done. I’m going to keep cooking and putting together badass wine lists, wherever that may take me. Be well Fort Worth. Sorry for the missed connection.”