Crown Block opens on top floor of 561-foot Reunion Tower

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Crown Block opens on top floor of 561-foot Reunion Tower

Story and photography by Michael Hiller

The 561-foot Reunion Tower has a new top-floor restaurant whose food ably matches the lofty views.

Named for the pulley system at the top of an oil derrick, Crown Block, a prime steakhouse, now occupies the long-closed space that was once the domain of Los Angeles chef Wolfgang Puck.

Husband-wife business partners Elizabeth Blau and chef Kim Canteenwalla, well-known restaurateurs in Las Vegas and Vancouver, Canada, now orchestrate the space, filling the restaurant’s dance card with Allen Brothers steaks, Gulf Coast seafood, Texas and Japanese wagyu and an excellent selection of cocktails and wines.

The dining room no longer rotates, so you don’t have to wonder where your table moved while you stepped away to the washroom. But Canteenwalla’s creme brulee donut holes (crowned with a cloud of cotton candy) are sweet enough to make your head spin during the 65-second elevator ride back down to earth.


Where: 300 Reunion Blvd. E., Dallas
Website: crownblockdallas.com