Try this juicer for a healthy breakfast or, with a shot of vodka thrown in, a weekend brunch

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Try this juicer for a healthy breakfast or, with a shot of vodka thrown in, a weekend brunch

Story and photography by Michael Hiller

Fancy hotel brunches feature glass carafes filled with fresh, vibrant juices. But re-creating that fresh juice experience at home may seem like a punishment, no matter how delicious the end result is.

Sure, a glass of fresh orange juice or a vibrant blend of apples, cucumbers, mint and watermelon tastes like summer. Toss a handful of spinach or kale into a juicer along with carrots, ginger, celery and a couple of lemons, and you’ve got breakfast. Add a glug of vodka, and you’ve got weekend brunch with friends.

But if you’ve seen social media influencers painstakingly feeding tiny slices of apples, beets and celery into their juicers, you may have wondered if there’s a better way. Those machines are generally loud, messy and ugly, just like the ones behind the juice bar at a gym. They are work juicers. You need a vacation juicer.

The Nama J2 is that juicer. Unlike bulky centrifugal juicers that use sharp blades to whirl produce into a strainable slush, the Nama J2 is a svelte cold-press juicer that squeezes the liquids out of fruits and vegetables using high pressure and low speed. That minimizes oxidation and maximizes juice extraction.

It also means the J2 can juice whole fruits and vegetables without chopping them first. Simply toss all your ingredients, barely broken down, into the J2’s business end, which looks like a glass blender pitcher. Shut the lid and turn on the power. Then walk away, make coffee, check emails, whatever you want. The J2 will do all the work. Its self-feeding hopper design means there’s no need to put in produce one piece at a time.

Into nut milks? The J2 is muscular enough to make those, too. And it’s surprisingly quiet, easy to assemble and good-looking on your countertop (right next to that bottle of vodka).

Cleaning up is a breeze. The J2 directs the juice into one container and the bits of dry pulp into another. Both are easy to empty and clean. Traces of pulp inside the juicer rinse off swiftly without much scrubbing. And because the J2 uses pressure to separate the liquids from the solids, there’s no risk of slicing your hand on sharp blades. We love this juicer!


Nama sells its juicers online, including the J2 Cold Press Juicer ($550), at namawell.com. The J2 is available in white or black. Shipping is free.