Upgrade your morning routine: JURA’s GIGA 10 espresso machine delivers perfection at your fingertips

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Upgrade your morning routine: JURA’s GIGA 10 espresso machine delivers perfection at your fingertips

By Michael Hiller

There’s no need to stand in line at the coffee shop when this machine can do it all

We’re only a few weeks into a new school year, and the snooze button is already getting a workout. As you drag yourself into the office (after dropping the kids off at predawn swim, tennis and band practice), you might be eyeing your employer’s fancy coffee maker and thinking, ‘If I had that, I’d have it all.’ But you (and your office) can do better. JURA’s new GIGA 10 fully automatic espresso machine is better. Much better.

JURA’s Swiss engineers crammed a lot of high-tech wizardry inside the GIGA’s sleek aluminum chassis. A broad touch-screen panel can display 35 hot and cold brew specialties, each fully customizable to take the sting off early morning thinking.

Two bean hoppers with separate ceramic burr grinders allow you to choose between different roasts — dark or light, for example, or perhaps decaf — or combine the two if you’re a “half-caf soy latte” person.

We loved that we could adjust nearly every important component of our drinks — number of shots, coffee intensity, extraction temperature, amount of frothy, steamed milk. For coffee fanatics, the results are a magic elixir: reliably rich mocha blanketed with a creamy, marbled foam crema that would impress even the most skilled barista.

Whether we chose espresso, cortado, Americano, flat white, that half-caf soy latte or something all our own, the GIGA produced a perfect drink in less than a minute.

Need an herbal fix? The GIGA can pump out hot water for tea and automatically steam milk into a frothy foam. Too hot for hot coffee? Dial in a cold brew; the GIGA slowly pulses cold water through freshly ground beans under high pressure. The result is as rich and flavorful as nitro cold brew, but without the fizz or expense.

Short of bribing your favorite barista to come to your office or home, you’d be hard-pressed to find better coffee than what this GIGA can produce. The machine’s black piano finish looks good on the counter, too: shiny, sleek and very extra.

Cleaning cycles are automated. A message pops up on the screen to let you know it’s time for a little maintenance. Drop in JURA’s cleaning tablets, press Start, and the GIGA cleans the brew units, boiler and milk frother. Even Kathy in Accounting can’t screw it up.

Of course, all that Swiss engineering doesn’t come cheap. The GIGA’s $4,999.95 ticket price doesn’t pull any punches. Indulgent? Absolutely. But so is a new car and a daily Starbucks habit. Do you really need a color display, Wi-Fi connectivity and a dedicated app to brew an incredible espresso? No.

But if you’re used to queuing for a cup of joe or clamping a K-cup into a plastic shoe, the brew from JURA’s top-of-theline GIGA 10 will change you as a human being.

Or at least you’ll seem like a better human to those around you each morning.


JURA’s GIGA 10 is available at the Fort Worth and Southlake Williams Sonoma stores. University Park Village, 1620 S. University Drive, Fort Worth, 817-334-0009; Southlake Town Square, 172 State St., 817-416-5932; shop williams-sonoma.com or jura.com.