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Reata Announces Interim Home in Downtown

By Tori CouchOctober 18, 2023No Comments

 Reata Announces Interim Home in Downtown


                                                                                                      By Tori Couch                                                                                                          Photo Courtesy of Reata Restaurant

Reata Restaurant announced it will temporarily relocate to Throckmorton Street in July 2024. The downtown restaurant will be in the northeast corner of The Tower building at 530 Throckmorton.

Reata will operate out of its current location until June 30, 2024. 

The Tower will serve as an interim home before Reata’s permanent home is constructed. Reata on the Road, the restaurant’s catering division, will operate as normal through the transition.

When Reata originally opened in 1996, it was located in The Tower until a tornado in 2000 forced relocation. 

“Reata transcends physical boundaries,” Mike Micallef, president of Reata, stated in a press release. “It’s not just about the walls that house us, the western artifacts that adorn us, or the plates and cutlery that serve us. Reata embodies the spirit of Fort Worth.  What truly defines us is our community. Our location may change, but the soul of Reata – the people – remains constant.”

The Tower and The Tower Anex buildings were purchased by SADA Tower LLC of Texas and SADA Capital Partners LLC, an Illinios-based real estate holdings group, in June 2022. SADA has since secured several tenants, including the corporate headquarters for Fort Worth workwear company, Dickies. 

Reata’s leadership unanimously decided to stay downtown after exploring other options in Tarrant County. Over the past 27 years, Reata has become a popular dining spot in downtown Fort Worth.