Think the home design of your dreams is out of reach? This top DFW designer doesn’t think so.

By David ArkinNovember 13, 2023December 1st, 2023No Comments

Think the home design of your dreams is out of reach? This top DFW designer doesn’t think so.

For Susan Semmelman, sharing her creativity and getting someone into their dream home is her way of giving back.

“I am passionate about my client’s vision and believe that the spirit of living is in the giving. Giving my clients what they want, how they live and bringing their home to fruition giving them a place to live life is what I want to be able to give over and over,” Semmelman said. “Home is not a home until it’s made to be ‘your’ home.”

And with 25 years in the construction and design world, Semmelman and her team at Susan Semmelman Interiors is making dreams come true one client at a time. In fact, Susan Semmelman Interiors has been named Best Interior Design and Furnishings in Fort Worth from 2020-2023, and Best Interior Design in Fort Worth in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

The best part about working with Semmelman? Her team is not only able to design your space beautifully, but Semmelman also has vast experience in building homes and understanding the construction process—bringing together spaces that are as beautiful as they are livable.

By offering construction detailing services, Susan Semmelman Interiors is able to take a comprehensive approach to interior design, orchestrating every detail of a home from the ground up. 

“The perfect time to hire an interior designer is way before you start construction,” Semmelman explained. “Construction detailing is truly where the form of interior design meets the function of spatial planning, allowing design motifs to be woven into the fabric of a home.”

From there, Semmelman and her team leaves no stone unturned, touching every detail of the space from the selection of flooring, hardware, paint, and countertops to custom cabinetry and insets. They’re even able to provide custom crafted furnishings and accessories, leaving no vision too far out of reach.

“It’s not about what you could possibly do, it’s what you possibly can’t imagine you can do that makes it so much more fun to bring something to life,” she said. “I want to give you what you want in design so that you will get back the experiences and memories of knowing it was designed around you and what you see for yourself and those you want to share with.”

And it’s not just your dream home Semmelman can give you, as her team also offer construction detailing and design services for commercial spaces as well.