Spiral Diner & Bakery owners expand their own ‘little vegan village’ in North Texas with fine dining vegan restaurant

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Spiral Diner & Bakery owners expand their own ‘little vegan village’ in North Texas with fine dining vegan restaurant

Maiden Fine Plants & Spirits is one unique dining experience. Not only is it a tasting-menu only restaurant, but it’s also North Texas’ first fine dining vegan concept.

Maiden is built on the creativity of its two founding members, husband and wife team James Johnston and Amy McNutt, whose vegan stronghold in Fort Worth’s Near Southside District continues to grow. Maiden is now the third concept, which includes the sweet treats at Dreamboat Donuts & Scoops, comfort food from the highly-celebrated Spiral Diner & Bakery.

“My husband and I, both avid travelers due to his career as a filmmaker, have been fortunate to explore various corners of the world,” McNutt said. “During our journeys across the US, Canada, and Europe, we indulged in the luxury of visiting a variety of vegan fine dining establishments.

“However, upon returning to Fort Worth, we recognized a gap in our local vegan community—there was no accessible vegan fine dining option for our Spiral Diner customers unless they were willing to embark on a journey out of state,” she added.

Maiden Fine Plants & Spirits is the latest vegan location from husband and wife team James Johnston and Amy McNutt, owners of Spiral Diner & Bakery and Dreamboat Donuts & Scoops.

The new restaurant looks to continue the team’s concept of the plentiful possibilities of vegan ingredients, leading with the idea that vegan dining is limitless and can push the bounds of what people think is possible for conscious cuisine.

Maiden officially opened its doors in June 2023 with its seasonal tasting menus, which are available in either an 8- or 4-course option. Guests can also enjoy Tea Time at Maiden from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Fridays through Sundays, where they can relax, socialize and enjoy a beautiful tower of treats and unlimited pots of their finest teas from Tea Sparrow. All reservations can be made on Tock.

8-Course Seasonal Tasting Menu​​

About: The full eight-course tasting menu allows for an immersive and indulgent dining experience, showcasing the chefs’ creativity and providing an opportunity to savor a wide range of flavors and textures.

Time: A dive into this menu will take between 2-3 hours, depending on the number of guests in your party.

Cost: $150 per guest

4-Course Seasonal Tasting Menu

About: This menu is just an abbreviated option of the 8-course meal, featuring items you can select from the full seasonal menu.

Time: The abbreviated menu is designed to last approximately 90 minutes.

Cost: $90 per guest

But, if you’re planning to visit Maiden, you’ll want to make your arrangements ahead of time. Because of the time spent in crafting each tasting menu, reservations are required, and all same-day bookings are only accepted until 4 p.m. Prepaid reservation deposits are also required, upon which patrons can add one of three drink pairings to their meal.

Looking for a more casual experience, but don’t want to miss out on Fort Worth’s hottest dining experience? Walk-ins are welcome to still enjoy the bar and patio seating, as well as the small plates and drinks offerings.

Whether you’re there for the full tasting menu or just a drink at the bar, patrons can enjoy the atmosphere of Maiden, set in a standalone building resembling the bridge of a ship at 1216 6th Ave., in the newly built PS1200 mixed-use complex.

Maiden is located in the newly built PS1200 mixed-use complex, a standalone building resembling the bridge of a ship at 1216 6th Ave.

Its moody interior features dark wood paneling and blue velvet booths that create a warm and intimate atmosphere juxtaposed with large windows facing into PS1200’s gorgeous courtyard and green space.

“The idea of Maiden was crystallized when we discovered PS1200 and seized the opportunity to secure a space within this beautiful complex, which pays architectural homage to the revered Kimball Art Museum,” McNutt explained. “We loved the complex so much we leased a second space for a vegan donut shop next door, Dreamboat Donuts & Scoops. Now we have a little vegan village on our corner of Magnolia and 6th Ave with Spiral Diner, Maiden and Dreamboat.”

The experience continues into the food as course after course, guests will experience vibrant colors, diverse textures, and mouth-watering smells that reflect the natural bounty each season brings across the globe.

Meant to be an oasis from the hustle and bustle, Maiden encourages patrons to have a tech-free experience and genuinely focus on each bite and the special people they share it with.

“Maiden is all about time,” McNutt explained. “The time devoted to forging our beautiful space. The time to thoughtfully compose each course. The time you grant yourself as a guest to relax and relish the experience. And now, finally, it is time to present Maiden to the great state of Texas. I can hardly wait!”


Maiden Fine Plants & Spirits

Address: PS1200 building, 1216 6th Ave. Fort Worth

Phone: (817) 953-8327

Online: maidenvegan.com


  • Dinner Service & Bar Hours: 5-10 p.m. Wednesday – Saturday
  • Tea Time at Maiden: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday – Sunday

Make your reservation through Tock