New Canyon Ranch Wellness Club uses modern equipment, technology to create luxury spa experience

By David ArkinJanuary 15, 2024April 30th, 2024No Comments

New Canyon Ranch Wellness Club uses modern equipment, technology to create luxury spa experience

By Rachael Lindley

Fort Worth’s new Canyon Ranch Wellness Club figures to draw members from already-established clubs

We received an exclusive tour of the fitness and performance floor of the newly opened Canyon Ranch Wellness Club. One can’t help but notice the club is more reminiscent of a luxury spa than your average, run-of-the-mill gym. With ultra-modern exercise equipment and the technology to help members discover their potential and achieve their goals, the club is a dream for health and fitness lovers. 

Each member has the opportunity to undergo a holistic health assessment performed by a sports medicine practitioner who then creates a tailor-made exercise prescription. This analysis includes a musculoskeletal and joint health assessment, functional tests and a gait analysis to accurately design a custom fitness plan. 

If group classes are your preferred workout medium, the club features an onsite yoga and spin studio as well. In addition to all of the trailblazing workout equipment, the wellness club also has advanced technology like the bod pod to analyze body composition and a microgravity treadmill. If you’re in need of some pampering, members can visit the second floor for the spa and salon for services from hair color, facials and massages. The third-floor members lounge serves as a serene retreat for relaxation and socializing. 

360West sat down with Brittany Malone, Canyon Ranch performance scientist and certified strength conditioning specialist, to learn more about the state-of-the-art facility.

360West: What are the primary differences between the Fort Worth Canyon Ranch and other Canyon Ranch locations?

Malone: This is our very first wellness club. The other locations are resorts, so instead of people coming for a few days or a week, we get to build long-term relationships with our clients day in and day out while they are able to utilize the practitioners on staff and all of our amenities.

360West: What do you think is better about Canyon Ranch in comparison to other clubs of its kind?

Malone: One of the many things that Canyon Ranch does and what really drew me to the company was the fact that they’re evidence-based. So instead of looking for the next fad or trend, we are constantly looking at a science-backed program that we can use with our clients to give them their desired results. When we say we have experts on staff, we don’t take that word lightly. Everyone is highly educated and has a lot of experience as well.

360West: Will this location eventually offer immersion experiences like at some of the other Canyon Ranch properties?

Malone: It’s currently in the works. We will be offering some things on a smaller scale right now, like sound healing and a silent disco. One of the benefits of being a Canyon Ranch member is that we have full access to the Canyon Ranch resort services. Members can always come in and use our services.

360West: Tell us about the club’s technology offerings.

Malone: The wide variety of technology we have allows us to meet individuals wherever they’re at in their fitness journey. Bod Pod for example, is an extremely useful tool setting individual goals as it measures body composition.