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What to know about a new art gallery and boutique located inside a luxury salon in Southlake

By Rebecca ChristophersonFebruary 21, 2024No Comments

What to know about a new art gallery and boutique located inside a luxury salon in Southlake

By Tori Couch
Photography by Mike Lewis

Designer Donna Moss and partners open an art gallery and boutique inside a luxury salon in Southlake

While enjoying the art at Southlake’s newest and largest contemporary art gallery, The Artist Salon | DHV Artworks & Ferrari Gallery, it’s easy to get lost in the twisting, maze-like hallways. The carefully selected, high-end artwork engages the imagination.

After taking in the art, you might stay for an appointment at the new Blownaway Salon Suites. Or browse the jewelry and home decor at Donna Moss’ new boutique Blow Your Mind Design — all in the same building. It’s all part of the proprietors’ plan.

Moss — a designer for 30 years, star of HGTV’s hit series “Donna Decorates Dallas,” and author of “Best of Show” — is behind this three-in-one concept that provides Southlake residents easy access to high-end, luxury home decor and personal care services.

“They don’t have to go to Dallas, they don’t have to go to Fort Worth,” Moss said. “We have everything they need right here. Not just the art gallery, but the boutique, the hair salon suites. This is like a one-stop shop for everything home and personal beauty.”

Blownaway Salon Suites, at Texas 114 and Kimball Park, is the 10,000-square-foot building that houses the salon, boutique and art gallery.

The Artist Salon is a collaboration between Moss and Dallas artists and gallerists Deborah Hartigan and Debra Ferrari. Hartigan opened DHV Artworks in 2021 in Dallas. Ferrari and her husband founded Ferrari Gallery in 2004 and moved to the Dallas Design District more than six years ago.

Ferrari and Hartigan curated the 65-plus piece Artist Salon gallery. Both artists have artwork on display, along with pieces made by local and international artists.

“These are established, full-time professional artists,” Ferrari said. “This is art that you can collect and be proud to pass on as a generational piece of art.”

The Artist Salon operates like a full-service art gallery. The gallery has two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces, sculpture and mixed media.

“The variety of art they’ve brought in is so unique and so beautiful,” Moss said during an interview with Hartigan and Ferrari. “It’s curated perfectly by these two ladies.”

Each piece of art has a label with the artwork’s name, cost, artist’s name and a QR code. The code has more information about the piece and how to purchase it.

If a potential buyer is unsure how a piece of art might look in their home, office or another space, Ferrari or Hartigan will do a visual presentation of the piece. A Photoshop illustration shows how it could look in a new space. Purchased pieces are then delivered and installed with white-glove service under the watchful eye of Hartigan or Ferrari.

“With fine art, you don’t want to leave anything to the imagination,” Hartigan said. “Those are services that we offer. It’s the same as going to any other gallery in this country that offers full service.”

Blownaway Salon Suites has about 30 suites occupied by hair stylists and massage therapists. Cryotherapy services are also provided through the salon. Each tenant is on a two-year lease and is the “best of the best,” Moss said. She plans to open smaller luxury salon suites in Arlington and Keller later this year.

Moss runs Blow Your Mind Design with her daughter, Tiffany Moss Jenkins. The boutique carries jewelry, headbands, mirrors, chandeliers, candles and other high-end, luxury decor. Donna Moss Designs has its office in the building, too.

Moss’ husband Paul, a real estate developer, built what is now Blownaway Salon Suites a few years ago. The site was zoned for a restaurant, but the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult to open one. An art gallery expressed interest, but that didn’t pan out. Her husband then came up with the idea of the salon suites, Moss said.

The other elements soon fell into place. While Moss was developing the boutique’s product list, she contacted Hartigan. Moss wanted to carry Hartigan’s Kodama charcuterie boards, now sold in the boutique. Hartigan soon became interested in Moss’ vision for the building. Hartigan and Ferrari toured the space and thought it was perfect for an art gallery.

Moss quickly jumped on board. 

“I knew I would be doing art in this space because of the interior design that we were doing,” Moss said. “But when this opportunity came up to work with these two ladies on this scale, I’m like this is just like a dream come true.”

Hartigan, Ferrari and Moss offer a behind-the-scenes look at the gallery every month during an event called Curated Third Thursdays. Guests can register for free on The Artist Salon website.

Guests take a tour of the gallery with Moss, Ferrari and Hartigan, while Ferrari and Hartigan talk about the curation and share the stories behind the artwork. Other artists highlighted in the gallery might attend the event and talk about their pieces as well.

Sharing those stories helps guests connect to the artwork.

“What we hear time and time again is, ‘Gosh, I never would have understood that, but now I really want that art because now I’m getting a piece of the artist, I’m getting a piece of their intention,’” Hartigan said. “We stand behind our artists and we want to share their stories with the Southlake community.”

Curated Third Thursdays also gives people who are interested in starting an art collection a place to ask questions and learn more about the process.

“That’s what we’re here to do is to really help people, talk to them,” Ferrari said. “Help them feel comfortable about including art in their spaces.”

Moss wants to engage with Southlake residents through other events, too. These events would likely coincide with the art gallery’s rotation of new pieces every six weeks or so, she said.

There’s no doubt all the artistry inside Blownaway Salon Suites will be on full display at any event.

“We have pop-up jewelry shops,” Moss said. “We have American Idol artists singing at our events. We want to be known as well for having fabulous events. Fabulous art, fabulous events, fabulous decor. All about the fab.”