Behind the scenes of 360West’s spring fashion shoot

By Rebecca ChristophersonApril 16, 2024April 30th, 2024No Comments

Behind the scenes of 360West’s Spring Fashion Shoot

During the rainy days of March, the sun was shining on the 360West fashion team as we curated and photographed the most important style directions of spring for the magazine’s biannual fashion issue.

Color and whimsy were the center points, with florals featured prominently.

The team took the floral theme literally, complementing the looks with actual flowers. Stylist Jenny B. Davis selected each item based on runway and editorial trends, like oversized denim paired with pointy-toed heels and pumped-up platforms with, well, anything.

Davis likes to lean into women designers in her personal style and work. Women were definitely represented in this shoot, including Dallas’ Lela Rose, Celia B, Kate Spade and Mignonne Gavigan. And Davis sourced many looks from local boutiques. If you like what you see, please support them.

Photographer Mindy Byrd was all in on the theme, creating stunning editorial images with the same passion and purpose she brings to her work for such clients as Neiman Marcus, Stanley Korshak and American Airlines. Hair and makeup artist Ro Vielma brought a fresh, beautiful glow to our model, who goes by the name of Birdie — a fun coincidence.

Creating these images was a group effort, especially when Birdie seems surrounded by flowers. No, the flowers aren’t floating — they’re actually being held in position just outside of the frame by many people, including 360West’s publisher, Gloria Fletcher, and staffers Tori Couch and Meredith Lehman, designer of these pages. And because Davis is also a fashion media professor, she got her students involved, taping shoes, organizing merchandise and, yes, holding flowers. 

— 360West