You Are Here: Luxe women’s boutique finds a larger location in west Fort Worth, but doesn’t move far

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You Are Here: Luxe women’s boutique finds a larger location in west Fort Worth, but doesn’t move far

By Rachael Lindley
Photography by Jill Johnson


Fans of the women’s boutique You Are Here can now find the popular west Fort Worth shop in a new, larger location, just a short distance from the old one.

Anne Walker Miller (left) and Joanna Bennett, owners of You Are Here, inside their new Camp Bowie Boulevard store in Fort Worth. Miller and Bennett have grown the business while maintaining family as a priority.

You Are Here moved in April to the former Park + Eighth space at 4804 Camp Bowie Blvd. and Sanguinet Street. The new store — with a main floor and loft — is the latest take on a dream owners Joanna Bennett and Anne Walker Miller scribbled on a cocktail napkin in 2011 and executed six weeks later with a pop-up shop. Bennett and Miller had been in their most recent location on Pershing Avenue for seven years.

“When we moved there, we thought we had all the space in the world,” Bennett said. “In the past couple of years, it got really crowded and it was affecting the customer experience. It was just too much stuff in a small space.”

Bennett and Miller had always run in similar circles. Seeing as how Fort Worth has such a small-town feel, this wasn’t surprising, but the two mothers had a lot in common. Both were entrepreneurs, each owning their small clothing companies. Mutual friends had mentioned one to the other for years, but they didn’t formally meet until a happy hour in fall 2011.

After their first successful pop-up, Bennett and Miller officially opened You Are Here, offering a mix of classic and trend-forward, high-end fashions for women of all ages, sizes and styles.

A Welcome Addition

In spring 2019, You Are Here recruited the fine jeweler curator Jo Latham as a tenant. Latham came to Fort Worth by way of Austin, Amarillo and Brooklyn, New York.

The larger store gives more room (above) to the jewelry curation of tenant Jo Latham, who works with about 50 jewelry designers from around the world, in varying price points and aesthetics. And even though the new location is larger, its owners say their concept hasn’t moved away from customized service.

“There is a natural synergy … because I’m very much drawn to classic pieces with a twist,” Latham said. “I prefer things that are fashion-forward and have a designer element to them. It all works beautifully together.”

Latham works with about 50 jewelry designers from around the world, in varying price points and aesthetics. Many of the jewelers she carries use gemstones, fair-mined gold, organic and found materials and even marquetry and inlaid wood.

“I enjoy working with independent jewelers because there is such personality and creativity in that space,” said Latham, whose jewelry counter is one of multiple focal points in the new location, allowing her to showcase more finery.

Boss Moms

At the heart of You Are Here are two moms who didn’t want to sacrifice home life for their business pursuits.

“I think the hours were a bit controversial when we opened,” Miller said. “But, really it was so we could still be around for our kids. We love You Are Here, but we have to run it in a way that works for us and our lives.”

You Are Here is open 10 a.m-
3 p.m., Tuesdays–Saturdays.

The You Are Here Difference 

The business partners laugh about providing therapy — retail and otherwise — to regular customers.

The You Are Here owners travel annually to markets to stay atop trends, but pride themselves on customizing the shopping experience to each shopper’s needs. “We get asked a lot about trends, but we like to figure out what works for the individual,” co-owner Anne Walker Miller said.

“We strive for 100% of people to leave having had an amazing experience in here,” Bennett said. “We have 13-year friendships with people that have shopped with us from the very beginning. It means the world to us.”

“It’s hard to not become friends when you’ve seen each other through so many stages of life,” Miller said.

Bennett and Miller head to New York once a year to attend market and choose the next season’s fashions.

“We get asked a lot about trends, but we like to figure out what works for the individual,” Miller said. “We’ll always keep you current, but we want you to choose the trends that fit your personal style.”

The pair understands everyone’s shopping style is different. Some customers enjoy a hands-on experience in the store, while others want to take products home and make a decision then.

Growing Pains

Bennett and Miller are excited about having more inventory, but are also looking forward to figuring out how to best serve shoppers in the new space.

“We’re planning on utilizing the upstairs space for denim,” Miller said. “We are hoping that if we have all of the jeans in one spot, organized by brand or wash, it will simplify the process since buying jeans can be such a triggering experience for women.”

New and Notable

To further serve their customers, You Are Here began offering “Style Boxes” in 2019. The unique service has grown exponentially since and continues to be a hit with customers.

Each box is custom depending on the customer’s needs. Whether you have an upcoming event, trip or need a closet refresh, one of the store’s stylists will put together a box for you. The stylists also consider lifestyle, sizing and preferences in curating each box. The boxes can be picked up in-store, dropped off at the customer’s home or shipped.

“We’ve heard that the boxes really help clients that feel overwhelmed in-store,” Miller said. “It allows them to try it all on at home with their own shoes and jewelry, making them more comfortable.”

Prefer a more hands-on approach, but still want to try a Style Box? “We’re also open to a hybrid model for the style boxes,” Miller said. “You can walk through with one of us and still take it home to try on.”

The store has enjoyed an influx of TCU students and their mothers because of Latham’s piercing parties. You Are Here will host a piercing party with celebrity piercer Stephanie Anders, June 13 and 14. Check Instagram and youareherefw.com for more information.

“It’s been so fun to become a destination for mothers and daughters to shop together,” Miller said.

New Locale, Same Vibe

While You Are Here’s shop is larger and address new, the concept hasn’t changed, Bennett and Miller said. The shop still values its customer’s experience over all else, they said.

“If you have an idea, ask us about it! It may just be something we haven’t thought of yet,” Bennett said. “We’re always open to suggestions.”