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By Debbie AndersonMay 26, 2021May 28th, 2021No Comments

Their official name is “Flight,” but we’ve nicknamed them the “Flying Longhorns.” The city of Fort Worth’s newest public art project (FWPA) is an homage to birds, aviation and Molly, Cowtown’s steer icon. Located in the median of the Hemphill-Lamar Connector just south of downtown, the installation enhances the stretch of four lanes that joins Lancaster Avenue to Vickery Boulevard. Artist Dan Corson created a series of suspended longhorns/birds that appear to be flying out from the underpass. Made of translucent polyethylene with a frosted white finish, each spans 12 feet. While two other underpasses link downtown to the Southside, this one is inviting for pedestrians, cyclists and motorized traffic. It’s brighter, and the stacked paver walls on either side are studded with rosemary plants and other living greenery. The street itself opened in May 2020 after being in the planning stages for almost 20 years. FWPA turns 20 this year, and its diverse projects range from bronzes to mosaics. While LEDs change the color of “Flight” from dusk to dawn, we find it most alluring in its “natural” state, especially when viewed against a cloud-filled sky.

Photo by Meda Kessler