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By Debbie AndersonNovember 24, 2021December 30th, 2021No Comments

A Shore Thing

Photo by Ralph Lauer

Even Santa isn’t immune to worldly problems. “Last season was tough. I was on Zoom all day and all night with the kids; the only plus was that the ones who were scared of me really liked the face-to-face time on the computer.” This year, it’s supply-chain issues. “You might be waiting on that new SUV; I’m waiting on my sleigh to be fixed. And, there are no rentals anywhere. Plus, the reindeer are still social distancing from each other.” But Santa’s a doer, not a complainer, and he has been sourcing alternative modes of transportation. You read it here first: If you live near water, leave that plate of cookies in the boathouse or on the dock. “I’m ready to row, row, row and ho, ho, ho,” he says with a big laugh. “I promise, it will be a merry good night.”

Thanks to Steve Snow of Graham, a veteran Santa who’s retired, although he is active with the local nonprofit Summer Santa and still puts on the red suit for a few winter gigs, including this one.