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By Debbie AndersonMarch 31, 2022No Comments

Photo by Meda Kessler

Photographs of bluebonnets are common come spring. (Check your social media feed if you don’t believe us.) Typically, there’s an ocean of blue punctuated by cattle, preferably longhorns. Often there’s a picturesque sunset or puffy clouds in the background. And then we have the portraiture: Babies, kids, newly engaged couples and dogs all have been immortalized with the Texas state flower. While many journey outside of the city to find the perfect spot, we’re intrigued by the urban bluebonnet. Typically found in small patches rather than vast fields, they flourish despite a multitude of hazards: absorbing polluted air, being trodden by dogs and getting picked by little kids wanting to impress Mom with a special bouquet. Here’s to you, noble flower. Long may you rule over your sidewalk kingdom.