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Your journey to wellness begins here

The Thompson Clinic employs Age Management Medicine in designing individualized treatment plans that help patients enjoy optimum health and wellness. Dr. Paul Thompson and his team of professionals want more for their patients than just accepting the physical challenges and limitations that have seemed inevitable in the past.

There’s more you can do to achieve a longer, healthier, more enjoyable life under the guidance of the personalized care offered by Thompson Clinic. Our individual treatment plan

  • Emphasizes prevention and reversal of chronic ailments.
  • Promotes sexual wellness through treatment options for men and women.
  • Uses peptide therapies and other cutting-edge medical options.
  • Offers less reliance on traditional medicines that mask symptoms.
  • Utilizes the skills of a certified nutritionist and kinesiologist to help you reach your health goals.

Thompson Clinic offers the Plus and Premier packages for age management and wellness. Each package includes a thorough medical assessment and an extensive consultation with Dr. Thompson. Using cutting-edge medical technology, Dr. Thompson and his team will analyze where you are and the goals you want to achieve for optimum wellness. Their expert guidance will help you begin your wellness journey with confidence.

Experience the difference Thompson Clinic’s approach can make in your life. Make an appointment today.


Thompson Clinic
5408 Birchman Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(across Camp Bowie from Uncle Julio’s)