Presenting our annual list of the region’s best physicians –
in 58 specialties – as chosen by their peers

Top Doctors is a nomination-based project in which we ask physicians in the area to vote for other physicians in various specialties. We ask doctors to vote for doctors who exemplify excellence in their specialties. This list is a service to readers, giving them a doctor’s perspective regarding the top doctors in 58 specialty areas. The list is intended to allow readers to see and celebrate their physicians who make the list. It gives those seeking medical information a place to see doctors highlighted for achievement and reputation, and it can be a great tool for finding the right doctor for their needs. It can also be a means for doctors to make the community aware of their specific specialties and areas of expertise. To complete this nomination project, 360 West magazine contracted DataJoe Research to conduct nominations using an online ballot for collecting, vetting, and tallying the votes.

DataJoe Research is a survey/research company specializing in data collection and verification. It conducts various nominations across the United States on behalf of publishers. We recognize that there are many good doctors who are not shown in this representative list. This is only a sampling of talented professionals within the region. Inclusion in the list is based on the opinions of responding doctors in the region. We take time and energy to ensure fair voting, although we understand that the results of this survey nomination are not an objective metric. We certainly do not discount the fact that for various reasons many excellent doctors may not appear on the list.

About The List

How was the list created?

To create the list, DataJoe Research facilitated a peer voting process during the fourth quarter of 2018. DataJoe and the magazine reached out to both individuals and practices by various means, including postal mail and email, encouraging entities to vote and circulate the online ballot. Each doctor could vote for up to three doctors in each category. DataJoe reviewed and processed each ballot individually, checking for patterns or signs indicative of cheating. After tallying the votes, DataJoe then checked and confirmed that each potential finalist existed in the state medical board license database. If we were not able to find evidence of the doctor’s being registered with the state medical board, that doctor was excluded from the list. In addition, any doctor who has been disciplined for an infraction by the state was excluded from the list. Finally, DataJoe presented the tallied result to 360 West magazine for final review and adjustments.

How are nominations obtained?

The magazine and DataJoe Research reach out to both practices and individuals in the region via various methods, encouraging them to vote and distribute the ballot to other doctors. We encourage doctors who want to ensure they are in our system to send an email to, so that we can conduct a lookup and add their information if needed.

What information is required to make a nomination?

Doctors are required to provide a valid, active license number and basic contact information identifying themselves. This helps us ensure fairness in the voting process by ensuring that each of the doctors completes only one ballot. The final results are aggregated, so doctors’ ballot choices remain confidential.

What happens once nominations are received?

DataJoe reviews each individual ballot to ensure fair nomination, isolating and potentially eliminating invalid ballots, ballots suspected of block voting (i.e. identical voting patterns across multiple ballots), duplicate voting, or other issues. After vetting, DataJoe provides a tallied list of most-frequently nominated doctors to the magazine.

How are the practice areas determined?

Although the categories are very broad, they are intended to reflect relevant practice areas in the region. We recognize that there are many specialty areas but cannot accommodate them all. If there is a strong and consistent request for additional practice areas, they will be considered for possible inclusion in next year’s nomination.

Do doctors pay to be on the Top Doctors list?

Doctors can’t pay to be on the list. After the list is finalized by DataJoe, it is given to the magazine’s advertising department, which invites doctors to buy profiles. These profiles appear elsewhere in the magazine, labeled as paid advertising, in a section titled Doctors Worth Knowing. But whether the doctors advertise has no bearing on the list.

What if I don’t see my doctor on the list?

This list is by no means inclusive. If you don’t see your doctor on the list, and if he or she is someone you like and trust, you should stick with your doctor.

About DataJoe

DataJoe uses best practices and exercises great care in assembling content for this list. DataJoe does not warrant that the data contained within the list are complete or accurate. DataJoe does not assume, and hereby disclaims, any liability to any person for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions herein whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause. All rights reserved. No commercial use of the information in this list may be made without written permission from DataJoe. For research/methodology questions, contact For all other questions, contact Jerry Scott at If you did not receive a survey ballot this year, please email to ensure we have your correct, updated information on file. Please include name, practice, address, phone, fax, and email in your message.


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Addiction Medicine
Joseph Burkett
Leslie Smith

Allergy / Immunology
Susan Bailey
Andrew Beaty
James Haden
Bobby Lanier
Robert Rogers
Millard Tierce

Kathleen Bajaj
Chandra Beals
Douglas Borg
Napoleon Burt
Michelle Craven
Daniel Davenport
Brad Davis
Robert Frohm
Michael Neben
Nathan Pailes
Maulik Parikh
Randy Robbins
Irving Ward

Farhan Ali
R. Dale Anderson
Neeraj Badhey
Gurpreet Baweja
Paul Bhella
Sukesh Burjonroppa
Vassilis Dimas
Denzil D’Souza
Timothy Hadden
Susan Hess
Sandeep Kamath
George Khammar
Yuvaraj Kumar
L. Frank Liao
Justin Martin
Samuel Nussbaumer
Joseph Ortenberg
Arun Padala
Mohanakrishnan Sathyamoorthy
David Scherer
David Slife
Theodore Takata
Balaji Veerappan
Rajesh Vrushab

Cardiothoracic Surgery
James Anderson
Seyed Khalafi
Jeffrey Lin
Carlos Macias
Vincent Tam
Richard Vigness

Colon and Rectal Surgery
Jason Allen
Eduardo Castillo
Clifton Cox
Lori Gordon
Glen Hooker
Augustine Lee
Paul Senter

Cosmetic Surgery
Robert Anderson
Jonathan Heistein
Emily Kirby
Kelly Kunkel
Jon Kurkjian
Danielle LeBlanc

Stacy Beaty
Thomas Busick
Holly DeBuys
Catherine Harrell
Boris Ioffe
Patrick Keehan
Stephen Maberry
D. Scott Miller
Matthew Mittelbronn
Laura Morris
Betty Rajan
Allison Readinger
Robin Roberts
Victoria Serralta
Danny Thomas
Heather Volkman

Diagnostic Radiology
Stuart Aronson
Jill Chilcoat
Scott Kayser
Harry Parvey
William Reese
Joseph Schniederjan

Emergency Medicine
Gerald Chase
Richard Dixon
Robert Genzel
Amy Ho
Charles Huggins
Karim Jamal
Adam Jennings
Curtis Johnson
Jessica Kirby
Ryan Kirby
Richard Linsky
Terence McCarthy
Alexis Nguyen
Andrew Rubin
Chet Schrader
Angela Straface
Ketan Trivedi
Elliott Trotter
Nestor Zenarosa

(Diabetes and Metabolism)

Chris Bajaj
Stacie Bingaman
Stella Hecker
Christopher Hudak
Darren Lackan
Kenneth Mair
Anjanette Tan

Family Medicine
Anjani Amin
Kent Brantly
John Bui
Daniel Casey
Patrick Conway
Al Faigin
Grant Fowler
Melanie Gray
Daria Greer
John Haynes
Jennifer Hinkle
Alfred Hulse
Craig Kneten
Mark Koch
Ellisa Krumm
Song Lee
Whitney Lefevre
Amber Lesley
Victoria Luevano
Clark Meador
James Murphy
Mark Nelson
Bethany Norberg
Robert Richard
Brady Simonak
Ryan Simonak
Matthew Stine
Richard Stuntz
Levi Sundermeyer
Mary Van Hal
Swapna Vattikuti
Hujefa Vora
Jocelyn Zee

Olufemi Abiodun
Rohan Clarke
Virat Dave
Thomas Dewar
Josh George
Chase Herdman
Jody Houston
Shilpa Madadi
Carol Mallette
Mark Murray
James Nackley
Bryan Ong
Ayodele Osowo
Sangameshwar Reddy
Joseph Shelton
Monte Troutman
Kenneth Yang
Jay Yepuri

General Surgery
John Bayouth
John Birbari
Scott Bloemendal
Chad Carlton
Christian Carr
Antonio Castaneda
Travis Crudup
M. Joseph Elieson
Rajesh Gandhi
Fernando Garcia
Douglas Lorimer
Sina Matin
Nabeel Shabout
Gerald Stephenson
Domingo Tan
Joshua Trussell
Daniel Ziegler

Geriatric Medicine
Jennifer Arnouville
Lesca Hadley
Robert Kelly
Janice Knebl
William Pate
Sarah Ross

Gynecologic Oncology
Noelle Cloven
Kenneth Hancock
Gennady Miroshnichenko
Reagan Street
Deette Vasques

Hand Surgery
Nathan Lesley
Timothy Niacaris
William Pientka
Stephen Troum
William Van Wyk
Bobby Wroten
Eric Wroten

Cristi Aitelli
Kathleen Crowley
Bassam Ghabach
Muhammad Isa
Anuradha Lingam
H. Lance Mandell
Latha Neerukonda
Mary Skiba

Hospice and Palliative
Phillip Cohen
Mohammed Iqbal
Alvin Mathe
Matthew Rios
Anthony Zepeda

Infectious Disease
Daniel Barbaro
Nikhil Bhayani
Anupama Chennupati
Catherine Colquitt
Vitaly Golub
Mandeep Matta
Marc Mazade
Cheryl McDonald
Steven Sotman
Cedric Spak
Mary Whitworth
Bryan Youree

Internal Medicine
Nadia Alawi-Kakomanolis
Saba Asad
Thomas Barker
Nicolas Batterton
Stephen Buksh
Charles Carlton
Kathleen Crowley
Norman Davenport
Steven Davis
Craig Dearden
Wilder Diaz-Calderon
James Eldridge
Roger Eppstein
Kelly Felps
Hiyas Fonte
Donald Frusher
Teresa Godbey
Sonia Guzman
Gerald Harder
Jennifer Hinkle
Suresh Kankanala
Allan Kelly
Robert Kelly
Daniel Kutzler
Jason Ledbetter
Amber Lesley
Jose Lozano
Beth Mewis
Kameswara Nimmakayala
Joseph Obeng
Joe Owens
Bhavik Patel
Gregory Phillips
Morvarid Rezaie
Mai Sharaf
Omesh Singh
Robert Smitherman
Imran Solaiman
John Sturgeon
Nazia Sultana
Swapna Vattikuti
Anh Vu
Virginia Watson
Garin Winegeart

Interventional Cardiology
Sukesh Burjonroppa
Scott Ewing
Vijay Kalaria
Yuvaraj Kumar
David Slife

Maternal and Fetal Medicine
Amaryllis Arraut
April Bleich
Joseph Fitzwater
Bannie Tabor

Oladapo Afolabi
Sridhar Allam
Samatha Chandupatla
Ira Epstein
Prasad Kannaeganti
Shane Kennedy
Rubina Khan
Patrick Nef
Geethanjali Ramamurthy
Peter Ramirez
Daniel Richey
Balamurugan Sankarapandian
Dar Shah
Raghuveer Vanguru

Neurological Surgery
Anthony Alcazar Lee
Brent Alford
George Cravens
David Donahue
Thomas Ellis
Daniel Hansen
Johnnie Honeycutt
Samir Lapsiwala
Richard Roberts
Ab Siadati

Susan Blue
Yamini Chennu
Lincoln Chin
Charlece Hughes
Cynthia Keator
Thomas Leavens
Ambika Nair
Ratna Reddy

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Laura Bradford
Stephanie Carson-Henderson
Shanna Combs
Adrianne Deem
Jamie Erwin
Kellie Flood-Shaffer
Julia Flowers
Jacqueline Garda
Pattyann Hardt
Kollier Hinkle
Christine Hoang
Robert Howell
Donna Kolar
Timothy Kremer
Beatrice Kutzler
Alicia Larsen
Heather Neville
Joseph Pallone
Manisha Parikh
Drew Rainer
Cynthia Robbins
Ruth Wiley
Robert Zwernemann

Cristi Aitelli
David Barrera
Asad Dean
Prasanthi Ganesa
Bassam Ghabach
Patrick Griffin
Anuradha Lingam
Latha Neerukonda
Sanjay Oommen
Chi Pham
Bibas Reddy
Stephen Richey
Henry Xiong
Robyn Young

Richard Chu
Kamel Itani
Alan Norman
Eric Packwood
Hiren Parekh
Ann Ranelle
Brian Ranelle
Dwayne Roberts

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Yadro Ducic
Herman Kao
Fayette Williams

Orthopedic Surgery
John Badylak
Gurpreet Bajaj
Eric Barcak
Michael Boothby
James Bothwell
John Conway
Thad Dean
Scott Hrnack
Amir Khan
Zubin Khubchandani
Bryan Ming
Arvind Nana
Hugo Sanchez
Steven Singleton
Russell Wagner
Torrance Walker
Brian Webb
Scott Wenger

(Ear, Nose, Throat)

Sean Callahan
Ricardo Cristobal
Yadro Ducic
John Fewins
John McIntyre
Jesse Smith
Andrew Vories
Jeremy Watkins

Pain Management
Akber Ashraf
Meredith Brooks
Artee Gandhi
Manu Mathews
Robert Menzies
Christopher Pratt
Timothy Ratino
Eric Ray

Bryan Bartlett
John McDonald
Janet Miles
Milan Vuitch
Diana Wagner
Lori Wasson

Pediatric Allergy / Immunology
Susan Bailey
Robert Rogers
Millard Tierce

Pediatric Cardiology
Matthew Dzurik
Steve Muyskens
Lisa Roten
Deborah Schutte

Pediatric Dermatology
Fred Ghali
Heather Volkman

Pediatric Endocrinology
Joel Steelman
Paul Thornton
Michael Willcutts
Don Wilson

Pediatric Gastroenterology
Nicholas Ogunmola

Pediatric Orthopedics /
Orthopedic Surgery

David Gray
Matthew Mayfield
Pamela Sherman

Pediatric Otolaryngology
(Ear, Nose, Throat)

Michelle Marcincuk
Natalie Roberge

Pediatric Surgery
Marty Knott
Patrick Thomas
John Uffman

Pediatrics General
Diane Arnaout
Arthur Benzick
Priya Bui
Vanessa Charette
Julie Crawford
Babatunde Dosu
Toyya Goodrich
Walter Halpenny
Eriel Hayes
Mark Jones
Ramon Kinloch
Cherryll Libed
Kathryn Mandal
Devona Martin
Bradley Mercer
Joyce Rafati
Jeanine Ratliff
Robert Readinger
Jenica Rose-Stine
Paulette See
Jason Terk
Amani Terrell
J. Ben Worsley

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Khalilah Clarke
Ryan Reeves
Omar Selod
Austen Watkins
Michael Wimmer

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Eric Hubli
Emily Kirby
Kelly Kunkel
Jon Kurkjian
Danielle LeBlanc
Steven Mapula
Maxim Pekarev
Larry Reaves

Alan Garrett
Lena Levine
Travis Motley
Brady Rhodes

Dustin DeMoss
Brian Dixon
James Haliburton
Cheryl Hurd
Lili Meisamy
Carol Nati
Alan Podawiltz
Roger Robinson
Leslie Smith

Adesubomi Agoro
Razaq Badamosi
John Burk
Kevin Connelly
Steven Davis
Huy Duong
Sami Hadeed
John Hollingsworth
Salam Jarrah
Stuart McDonald
Jagadeshwar Reddy

Radiation Oncology
Jerry Barker
Marta Dahiya
Clinton Park
Kathleen Shide

Stuart Aronson
Jeffry Brace
Jill Chilcoat
Kristen Ethridge
Scott Kayser
Robert Reeb
William Reese
Joseph Schniederjan
Zi Yin

Reproductive Endocrinology
Frank DeLeon
Robert Kaufmann

Sonia Bajaj
Ricardo Guirola
Emily Isaacs
Raza Jafry
Himabindu Reddy
Asha Thomas

Sleep Medicine
Sherif Al-Farra

Spine Surgery
Michael Briseno
Douglas Dickson
David Gray
Christopher Happ
Jeffrey Ratusznik
David Rothbart
Ab Siadati
Jason Tinley
Mark Wylie

Sports Medicine
Alex Autry
Elizabeth Batterton
Daniel Clearfield
K. Michele Kirk
Steven Meyers
Jason Mogonye
Brian Webb

Surgical Oncology
Anita Chow
Joseph Heyne
Vaishali Kent
Suhail Sharif
Gerald Stephenson

Jeffrey Applewhite
David Gould
John Johnson
Gonzalo Lievano
F.H. (Trey) Moore, III
Blake Palmer
Kirk Pinto
Jeff Pugach
John Pumphrey
David Shepherd
Robert Stroud
Scott Thurman
Thomas Truelson
James Vestal

Vascular Surgery
James Anderson
Harshal Broker
Michael Nazarian
Ramesh Paladugu
Jon Senkowsky
David Stroman
Richard Vigness